Nicole Edwards Blog: 54 Fun Facts About Me

54 Fun Facts About Me

Oct 2, 2023

  1. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio at Mount Sinai Medical Center (which no longer exists).
  2. When I was in the fourth grade, I met writer Marc Brown (Arthur, the Aardvark) after winning a prize as a young author.
  3. In high school, I sang and played my flute in competitions.
  4. I grew up with horses in my backyard and knew how to ride Western and English styles.
  5. I had a red Arabian horse named Price. We came in 6th place in a show.
  6. Watercoloring brings me zen.
  7. I lived in New York City in my 20s for a short time.
  8. I studied English Literature at Ohio University but majored in marijuana consumption.
  9. I later studied Arts Non-Profit Management and Arts Administration at NYU.
  10. My favorite author is Anais Nin. Followed closely by Jeanette Winterson.
  11. I have been diagnosed, documented, and labeled bipolar and ADHD 4 different times since I was 30. I go back and forth about it.
  12. I hate math.
  13. Spreadsheets make me break out in hives.
  14. I had a crush on my sixth-grade math teacher, Mr. Pokorny.
  15. My first CD was Pearl Jam, Ten.
  16. I fall asleep to true crime TV.
  17. Sometimes, I put on makeup with Beyonce in the background when I’m getting ready for dates.
  18. I’m a sexy single cat lady.
  19. I’ve mastered the algorithm for online dating (but still looking).
  20. My first car was a 1980 Chevy Impala. It was an oversized sky-blue rust bucket that my parents paid $900 for. It was safe and sturdy until l let the oil run dry.
  21. My little sister used to lay flat in the back seat of my Impala because she was embarrassed to be seen in it.
  22. The last time I went bike riding, it was on an electric bike in Santa Barbara. I fell off in front of everyone.
  23. For about 8 years, I was obsessed with Law & Order, specifically SVU.
  24. In the closet in my bedroom where I was raised, there is a heart on the back of the wall that says “I love Steve Csanyi” or possibly “I love Steve Zadd.” Steve was a popular baby name in 1978.
  25. I can speak enough French to appear willing and polite.
  26. I’ve been to Paris three times.
  27. I’ve been to China and Japan.
  28. If I had to choose two foods to survive on for the rest of my days, it would be string cheese and Dairy Queen Dilly Bars. Never get old.
  29. I’m really good at helping people make money by bringing their businesses online.
  30. People hire me to write emails and design their sales pages.
  31. I am also proficient in general coding, web development, and tech integrations.
  32. I’m really bad at dealing with personal conflict.
  33. I love sushi, pizza, manicotti, shrimp, and lobster.
  34. I hate mayonnaise. 
  35. I can look at any business and figure out how to funnel more traffic and conversions through their digital sales pipeline.
  36. I run Facebook and Instagram ads for a few select clients.
  37. I’ve been in business for 8 years as a copywriter, designer, and digital marketing strategist.
  38. I’m a Virgo, Type 2 Enneagram, and an INFP.
  39. I love yoga pants and sundresses.
  40. I have two cats, Buster and Kitten.
  41. I once had a Shih Tzu named Pablo.
  42. I’ve successfully kept a betta fish alive for 3 years. He’s still in my parent’s freezer. I meant to bury him.
  43. My mom’s name is Risë, named after a German opera singer my very young grandmother saw as a girl.
  44. My mom’s favorite thing to say to me is “I love you more than red.”
  45. I’m the oldest of three children.
  46. I’m only 5’ tall (on a confident day).
  47. My middle name is Louise, after my Aunt May (which still doesn’t line up for me).
  48. My favorite place to get away is anywhere near the ocean.
  49. I spent 10 days on a boat island hopping in Greece.
  50. Growing up, I had two pygmy goats named Bitsy and Buckey.
  51. I have a bucket list goal to own a goat again someday.
  52. My dream is to have a home away in the country with a garden near my niece and parents and a second apartment in either New York, San Diego, or Paris.
  53. I often have to write things down first to remember them.
  54. I love to collage, especially with real paper. This is a digital collage I made of myself ⬇️. It looks serious, but I was eating Dilly Bars and watching Anchorman while I made it, so it makes me happy.


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