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Nicole Edwards

Launch Strategist & Coach

I’m Nik, and I’m a launch strategist and digital marketing coach. But to know me is to understand that I’m also a Cashew. This means my mom lights the Menorah and my dad puts lights up on the tree. 

Along with the guilt, aggressive love, and food issues inherent in any Jewish/Catholic home, I came to embrace my gift for problem-solving, testing theories, and connecting people. 

My friends come to me when the sky is falling or if they have to sell something online. Either way, I come prepared with duct tape and my laptop.

On most days, I’m writing, designing, or sitting in a zoom meeting shooing away a bored cat skulking for wet food. 

Glasses on. Cold Brewed Starbucks in hand. Laptop open. You’ll find me partnering with brands, working behind the scenes to develop new products, and create and scale sales into 6 and 7 figures.

I co-own a digital marketing agency that helps influencers monetize their followings, launch new products, and develop evergreen funnels for passive income. I also run my own studio where I build out digital sales assets as a Done-For-You Service and coach clients on how to optimize their funnels from opt-in to the sales page.

Nicole Edwards is a digital marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs build out their online sales funnels and customer journeys. Through her work with hundreds of business owners, course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs (including online biggies like Cupcake Queen Candace Nelson, Hilary Rushford, and Erika Lyremark), she’s spent the last 8 years working behind the scenes building six and seven-figure digital funnels while her houseplants wage a desperate fight for survival. 

Known as a ‘triple threat’, Nicole strategizes, writes, designs, and, if there's a tech hiccup, she'll fix it faster than you can say "Winter is Coming." With a knack for turning chaos into cold hard cash, she's like the Nicholas Cage of online marketing - a wildcard you can't help but root for. Can't keep your jade plant alive? Neither can Nicole Edwards. But she can sure breathe life into your business. Just ask her cats, or better yet, her clients.