Do you feel like you're starting from scratch every time you sit to write your landing page copy?

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The Landing Page Lovechild Copy Kit includes:

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GET THE Landing Page Lovechild starter kit

You're here because your landing page is currently converting as well as my dating life.


You’ve had enough of staring down at a blank page, an accusing blinking cursor, and an empty subscriber list.

You want a reusable framework, not just a one-off solution, to solve your landing page problem once and for all.

You could use a little help (or a lot) to infuse your landing page copy with a blend of authenticity and persuasion.

You believe your free offer is awesome but struggle to make it sound as irresistible as it actually is.

You want to leverage Chat GPT but don’t want to spend hours down the rabbit hole getting it to work for you.

You want tips, templates, and prompts that have proven successful in converting both cold and warm traffic.

You're more interested in making your offers irresistible, rather than perfecting your copywriting skills.

The good news? Between a template and a touch of AI, your problem is fixable. (Mine requires therapy and higher standards)

Born from love, made for conversions, The Landing Page Lovechild is for you if:

Sexy single Cat Lady, Saucy 40-Something + Launch Strategist for online businesses

Heya, I'm Nicole.

A blast from the past: I was creating marketing buzz when MySpace was the in-thing and the first iPhone app was a mere glint in Apple's eye…er, lens. So call me a boomer, but I've boogied through the disco ball rotations of the digital marketing dance floor, twirling from webpage developer to creative director with ease — all because I embraced AI along the way.

When “The Terminator” of AI, Chat GPT emerged, instead of running for the hills fearing it would soul-snatch me, clone me, and steal my copywriter job, I decided to love on it, learn it, and use it to my advantage. Using it in perfect sync with my fan-favorite landing page template, I've managed to slash my writing time in half, without it sounding like a robot wrote it.

And guess what? I used Chat GPT to create this page.

So, are you ready to see this magic in action?

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